Photograph by Sten Björnebro

Here are my modifications to the x0xb0x firmware v1.02. disclaimer: I have absolutly *NO* C programmingskills what so ever and this is just me poking around in the code. Be warned.
*update* I found a bug/feature! :) When you are in pattern (sync out) and press and hold slide and rest at the same time the note just holds and die out (like the original 303 sometimes does when you stop it).

This one has four octaves of pitch down/up. In addition to this the RAS-buttons only work when held down in pattern mode, this makes the b0x an awsome live-instrument!

The weird mod. This makes pitch down/up five or six octaves depending on wich note is used and makes the b0x do really weird stuff. If you go too high or low, strangeness follows. Use it wisely... :) The RAS-button mod is in there too.

Thanks to Staffan Johansson for helping me with the C-code!

We love you, Limor! :)

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